nederlandse versie

The association research group (AOG) Literature in Translation strives to advance and to promote the study of literary translation. In view of this overall objective, members of the research group are involved in the following activities:

  • exchanging research experience and organizing academic lectures and colloquiums, resulting in co-authored publications, joint PhD supervision and joint research project applications;
  • entering into collaborative agreements with other institutions in the field, such as the Centre of Expertise for Literary Translation, affiliated with Utrecht University and Lessius University College (Antwerp), which organizes the joint degree MA in Literary Translation and workshops for translators. This enables the AOG to establish working relations with institutions outside Ghent University Assocation;
  • drawing up an inventory of existing research (MA dissertations, doctoral theses and postdoctoral projects) with an eye to constructing a database that will benefit current and future research activities;
  • strengthening the institutional foothold and public visibility of research on literary translation by embedding it in the curricula of Ghent University Association by means of guest lectures, translation workshops, and the like;
  • embedding our research in the range of literary translation courses available, both in the context of Ghent University Association or ‘AUGent’ and in the form of guest lectures or translation workshops.